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Ridin’ High: Building the 369
RH369 was our first broadcast reality show…a ‘real’ reality show with no fake set ups or people ‘acting’.   The story:  Phil Langevin and his team of friends & family combine two Peterbilt rigs (a 359 frame and a 379 front end = the 369), and build it with stainless steel to create the world’s first stainless steel Pete.  Then they entered the rig into the ‘Pride and Polish Build-Off Contest’ at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville KY.

Originally produced for the internet the webisodes were noticed by Discovery Channel distributors who asked us to create 13 broadcast HD episodes.  “Riding High: Buildin’ The 369” has been seen worldwide.   Most recently another quality distributor, Boulder Creek International licenced the show to the Ignition TV channel in South Africa!


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