“Ridin’ High: Building The 369” – Webisode RH369-S01E21: “Sweating the Small Stuff”

July 2, 2015

Webisode 21 of 26: Sweating the Small Stuff.

[content: audio guy / air intake / starting engine / rear fenders]

Mike starts the day off appearing with a whole pickup truck full of freshly finished small parts from Doug, certainly enough to keep everyone busy.

Shawn the audio and electrics guy arrives. Shawn worked on Phil’s previous custom stainless cabover, including some things that didn’t turn out so well. Although Phil is concerned he claims he has moved on…Today’s first shot is going to be the power windows. Phil keeps an eye on things throughout the day.

Shawn brings his pitbull to the shop, and Phil’s dogs don’t like it.

Brad is very close to finishing the engine and is convinced today is the day that it will start for the first time since that fateful day when the truck caught fire on that lonely highway in Saskatchewan almost a year ago.

Many jobs get completed including the giant intercooler, and the air cleaner with the complex series of air intake pipes to the turbo and engine. Brad gets the engine to turn over…everyone breaths a sigh of relief.

Doug arrives with the fenders. …A problem. They don’t fit. …and the truck still has to go the 310 miles to Thetford Mines one final time.


Ridin’ High: Building The 369 is a ‘real’ reality show that was one of the first digital webisode series on the internet.

The concept: Follow trucker Phil Langevin daily as Phil, his family and his friends embark on the journey to build a beautiful stainless steel custom rig from a burned out 379 Pete. Then they entered the truck into the ‘Pride and Polish Build-off Contest’ at the world’s biggest truck show the ‘Mid America Trucking Show’ (MATS) in Louisville KY.

RH369 is real. No fake arguments. No made up situations. No TV studio help or money. Everything you see in this show is real and true.

The TruckGuysTV production crew recorded all 120 hours of the truck build. Initially we shot using low cost cameras and packaged the edited content for low bandwidth streaming. And because the show was made for ‘the internet’ the entire duration of the truck build was made available to watch online. The Klos Brothers, who are serious and successful truck builders from Australia, were the first to report to us that they watched all 120 hours! A fantastic feet unto itself. Thanks Mates!

Ridin’ High: Building the 369 was seen worldwide with up to 10,000 website hits weekly. RH369 eventually became so popular that Discovery Channel asked TruckGuysTV to re-edit the series into 13 one hour High Definition episodes so that they could sell and distribute the shows internationally. Quickly the show was sought after by tv stations in places like the Ukraine. Staying true to our TruckGuysTV internet protocol television development processes Season Two of Ridin High (‘Ridin High: Building the Retroliner’) was shot and packaged for mobile.

Thanks for watching.

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