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Our Story…


TruckGuysTV started as the result of a meeting between television & interactive media producer Ed Blomeley and fleet owner & pioneer custom truck builder Phil Langevin.  Phil had embarked on building a stainless steel custom rig destined for the ‘Big Rig Build Off’ at MATS the Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville KY (the world’s largest heavy duty trucking show), and this was Phil’s fourth entry into that competition…

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…Ed was looking for content to integrate into his new internet television software.
…Phil was looking for a way to document his next big rig build.

So the two entrepreneurs agreed to build a documentary show around the project…

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What began as coverage of a single custom truck has grown into one of the internet’s premiere B2B and eLearning custom truck sites…   And btw the documentary show we started with, “Ridin’ High: Building the 369”, has been seen worldwide, distributed by Discovery Channel and Boulder Creek International.

TruckGuysTV on location  BCI Production Studio

Since that moment we’ve created hundreds of hours of ‘real’ media content about ‘real’ trucking. We’ve covered truck shows across North America, interviewed truckers, provided a platform for people to pitch their wares, presented product reviews, and produced How-To and DIY videos. And along the way we’ve met hundreds of the great folks that are involved with trucks and trucking.

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We’ve got friends helping us from across North America and beyond.  People such as the Chrome Shop Mafia’s Bryan Martin and Gailand Johnston doing interviews for us; the Pesce family from Elizabeth NJ helping us create a network reality show; the Klos Brothers in Australia checking out our shows via iptv feeds, and many more folks around around the globe.  Everyone willing to give us a hand to promote the trucking world.  Then there are our friends at Sirius/XM’s Road Dog Radio and FreeWheelin’s Chris T and Meredith Ochs giving us some buzz.  Many thanks everyone.

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Thanks to these friends and truck fans around the world TruckGuysTV has grown to become more than a website.* For several years running the website was ranked highly with thousands of visitors and now we want to produce more broadcast and online shows about building American Big Rigs that will be seen worldwide.  Webcams in shops, a world-wide truck builds, more show coverage, the world’s largest database of custom truck videos. Come on in and look around!       *

*(at this writing we are growing the site and converting to a full and live online television channel so please bear with us as and many of our applications are in ‘beta test’ mode.  ).


NEW !  TruckGuysTV Studios! A dedicated location to produce television shows, product and training videos, corporate videos, websites, and interactive new media.

TruckGuysTV Building in CP (with TGTV Sign) copy  Stripped_to_Striped_Day2-IMG_20150119_150127

Now we are evolving again with a goal to become America’s premier production studio and online television channel all about custom big rigs, trucks, trucking know-how, trucking news, edutainment and information.  Featuring the people that make this great industry what it is…the backbone of American life.  Pretty much everything that is in your house or is on your shelves was delivered by truck at some point.

MORE ABOUT OUR TV SHOWS:  Our hit TV series “Ridin’ High: Building the 369″ is still getting attention.  Most recently from the UK and South Aftica- 

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Ridin’ High: Building the 369 is the story of a man and his stainless steel dream.

The man is Phil Langevin; a trucker, a fleet owner, and custom big rig visionary. The dream is the 369; a gleaming blend of old and new, of classic style and today’s technology.

Helped by his friends and family, Phil sets out to win the most challenging prize in custom trucking: the Big Rig Build Off. If the challenge of building a truck from the ground up in 210 days isn’t enough, Phil makes it tougher by choosing to combine a vintage 1979 359 Peterbilt cab with a completely custom hood, attach that to a 379 Unibilt bunk, clad the entire thing in polished stainless steel, and drop it onto a stretched 2005 379 frame!

More than an overview, Ridin’ High draws on hundreds of hours of in depth coverage of the truck build, and puts it all together into a 26 episode online series that lets you follow the truck from the germination of the idea through to the eventual outcome of the Mid America Trucking Show’s Big Rig Build Off.

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